Bad tender?

Landcruiser being tendered by MID already sold by Tingoa police officers months ago



A landcruiser which is being tendered by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) is reportedly “already sold by officers of Tingoa police station”.

The AB1530 Toyota Landcruiser 78 Series, tendered as Item No. 1, at Tingoa station, and described as ‘idle’ was sold months ago for $15,000 by a senior constable of Tingoa police station.

An elder of Tingoa community, requesting anonymity, confirmed this to Island Sun, saying the vehicle was sold to a member of his family.

This means MID is tendering out vehicles which are not available, hence interested bidders will be fooled into applying to buy it.

An MID official answering enquiries on condition of anonymity, says MID is innocent in this issue, since they have been assured by the RSIPF that the landcruiser in question was sitting idle in Tingoa police station.

“RSIPF did not tell us that that particular vehicle has already been sold. It maybe that the Rove HQ are not aware of what their own officers are doing out there in Renbel province.

“MID has no fault in this issue … we simply put in the items which various government offices submit in for tendering. Check with RSIPF, they are answerable for their own mess.”

And, questions are being asked where that purported $15,000 has gone to; has it gone to the police, national treasury or to that constable’s pockets?

“When I saw the advertisement on the Island Sun Newspaper last week, I recognised that particular vehicle because it had been sold to a cousin brother of mine for $15,000,” says the Tingoa community chief.

Island Sun has been following up with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) regarding a list of allegations against corrupt policing in Rennell and Bellona province, an issue which has been ongoing for more than two years.

Police Media Unit reacted by questioning Island Sun’s source of information, rather than being concerned about the issue at hand.

“I see you did not have the name of the complainant. How can I be sure that the allegations came from someone in Renbel and not just some disgruntled police officer who had served in Renbel but got removed because of disciplinary issues. I am just making sure that Island Sun is not being used in this instance.”

A day later, Police Media released a blunt response saying they will investigate the allegations.

“RSIPF welcomes any criticism of how it delivers its services to the people of this nation. However, the criticism must be substantiated with evidence.

“For this reason the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Provincial has been tasked to investigate the allegations of abuse of office, misuse of assets and lack of policing in Renbel Province made by the unnamed person to the Island Sun newspaper. The ACP will report to the Commissioner of Police as soon as possible.”

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