Bad example of project implementation


PIPING Project from West to East Kolaridge has left chuckholes prompting vehicle owners to call on responsible authorities to address the issue.

In an interview with this paper, a Mr Eddie Diva said some parts of the road are becoming narrow posing risk to drivers and passengers.

He said drivers are cautioned when driving westward from Pakoe to Talise Bus stop as the road is narrow after a company who carried out piping project at the concerned area left without re-sealing the tar that was removed.

“I understand that this company ripped the tar to make way for the piping project. It took the inner part of the road.

“My disappointment is that, this company failed to refill the tar that they ripped off as a result the road became smaller,” Diva said.

He adds that another road work at Green Valley close to Cross Road bus stop left the area with a chuckhole.

Diva said the company who implement the project also ripped the tar across the road and failed to re-tar the chuckhole.

“If you drive eastward you will come across a chuckhole close to Cross Road which causes the traffic to slow down trying to avoid the chuckhole,” he explained.

Diva stressed that such development indicated pure carelessness and lack of proper assessment before implementing a project.

He strongly emphasised that proper assessment must be made before implementing such project.

Diva adds that companies who are appointed to carry out such development must seek advice from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Honiara City Council so that proper strategies are put in place.

In the meantime he calls on responsible authorities and the company concerned to take a look at the two concerned area and carryout proper maintenance.

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