Awareness talks to communities in Malaita



President of Malaita Provincial Alliance (MPA) who also the President of Malaita Provincial Council of Women (MPCW), Ms Martha Rurai.

THE Malaita Province Council of Women recently galvanised its alliance with stakeholders in Auki to carry out awareness to communities in the province.

President of MPCW, Ms Martha Rurai said the programme looks at assisting people with areas of need in their communities.

She said the team leading the programme has representatives from various stakeholders in Auki who can assist in their specific field of work upon request from communities.

“What we do was that, we call on communities to identify certain areas of need in the community and assist them through awareness talk.

“Like recently, the community of Gwounaru invited us to talk on areas of law and order. We went there and held sessions on crime prevention, community policing and community strengthen to them.

“The same for Fouabu community in west Kwara’ae where we also provided some very important talks to the people,” Rurai said.

She said one thing about the team was it represented and aligned people from all works in Auki.

“For example, if a community requested us to talk on certain area on health, a person from that specific field from health authority in Auki was represented to facilitate the talk.

“In the meantime, chances also given to other team members to talk on their areas of work that also needed for the community,” Rurai said.

She said the initiative has came about so that everyone to work together and to be on a same note to help the people in the province.

Rurai said each stakeholder has their own programme and can do so, however this programme is to support their programme in a unify way.

She said the programme came under the umbrella of MPCW and it looked at empowering people to become self-sufficient in their communities.

Rurai said so far two communities been visited and this weekend they will go to Malu’u and Manakwai with the programme.

She said they have no funder for the programme, however, use resources at their dispose to reach out with it.

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