Awareness on ICT and broadcasting policy kicks off

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A three-day awareness on the Information Communication Technology and Broadcasting Policy kicked off yesterday at the Mendana Hotel.

The Ministry of Communication and Aviation, along with ICT Society Solomon Islands and Telecommunication Commission Solomon Islands brought in experts to talk on Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Law as part of the awareness programme.

Director of Cyber Policy of Australia Department of Foreign Affairs Ms Johanna Weaver, Dr Timothy Kale and Director of Public Prosecutor Mr Ronald Bei Talasasa were the guest speakers of the first day.

In his opening remarks, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Aviation and Communication Mr Moses Virivolomo said the awareness programme is the beginning of the road towards regulating ICT in the country.

The awareness programme is facilitated to give opportunity for civil society organisations, ICT actors and regulators to learn about ICT and at the same time figure out what’s best for the future of ICT policies.

Mr Virivolomo said panel discussions and presentations will be very important towards the formulation of the country’s future ICT regulations.

He said the sessions which began yesterday are crucial to raise awareness and also inform people about the opportunities and threats when using modern technologies.

Mr Virivolomo said the launching of the National ICT and Broadcasting Policy is part of the government driven ambition to help the country keep up with the fast transforming world.

He said the Government through the Ministry of Communication and Aviation will drive the policy and also make sure necessary mechanisms are available to push the policy to Parliament.

Mr Virivolomo adds that his Ministry is committed to keep on pushing and do whatever it takes to make sure the policy become law.

He calls on every stakeholders to take ownership of the policy through participation in programmes and activities.

“My message is this, the development and harnessing the technology making sure it benefit the people are in your hand and not only the government.

“I urge you to be partners of the government and help us roll out the implementation of the two policies,” Mr Virivolomo said.

He said technology has been moving very fast and that Solomon Islands is just in the beginning of setting up a mechanisms to manage ICT.

Mr Virivolomo said Solomon Islands must make efforts to minimise the gaps between existing ICT performance and the need to regulate ICT.

He strongly emphasised that there are lots of works needs to be done to help the country cope with the changing world of ICT.