Australian MPs visit Oibola



SEVEN Australian parliamentarians and a delegation compromising media and Save the Children (major organising NGO) representatives from Australia visited project sites of various NGO-work in Malaita province.

The projects funded by AusAid (ANCP) are being implemented by Save The Children, World Vision and Oxfam.

During their visit to Oxfam’s safe families programme in Oibola, Langalanga lagoon, the visiting MPs were impressed with changes that happened as result of the intervention.

Speaking on behalf of the high level delegation, Australian MPs’ representative Trevor Evans (federal member for Brisbane) acknowledged Oibola community for embracing the concept of gender equality.

“Gender equality is not only an issue for Solomon Islands but it is a universal problem effort into ensuring that both men and women are working together and that the community is safe for our children.”

Also accompanying the visiting delegation to Oibola was the premier of Malaita province Hon Peter Ramohia, who welcomed the delegation to his province and acknowledged the Australian government for its continual support to improving the lives of Solomon Islanders in particularly the people of Malaita province.

“Malaita province being a province with very high population is always thankful for whatever assistance it receives from the people and government of Australia.”

The delegation also visited Save the Children work at Kelakwai in Central Kwara’ae and one of the World Vision sites at Gwaibaleo, in west Kwara’ae.

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