Australia solar charges 3 Guale villages

Australian High Commissioner, Roderick Brazier handing over Solar Charging Station plus Light and Battery Kits to Community of New Tenabuti. Receiving Plaque is Project Coordinator Primo Ghesa, Community Chief Elvis Butoa and Representatives of Ghobulonga Women’s Association.
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AUSTRALIA through the Direct Aid Programme (DAP) has donated a solar power charging station with light and battery kits to benefit three villages of New Tenabuti in north-east Guadalcanal; Gheghede, Ghesa and Ghovu.

Initiated by the women of New Tenabuti, the project is aimed at improving their livelihoods by alleviating energy usage, improving children’s’ education by providing access to light to study at night and ensuring that money previously used to purchase kerosene can now be used to procure other essential items for the household.

“With access to light, we can now work at night or early in the morning getting our products ready for market,” Anna, a Ghobulonga representative stated.

Project Coordinator, Primo Ghesa in his speech said, “The Ghobulonga Women’s Association charges those that want to use the solar power charging station a small amount of money, which is then channelled back into the association to assist the women with school fees and market fares.”

Australia’s High Commissioner, Roderick Brazier thanked the Ghobulonga Women’s Association for their initiative and encouraged the men of New Tenabuti to continue working with the women.

“They are the foundation of our homes and through them livelihoods can be improved,” he said.