Auki Y@W provides training in Foia community

FIFTY-THREE young people from selected villages in Malaita had the privilege to be in a training under the Auki Youth@Work programme starting this week.

They are from Sulufou and Foia in North and Foumamanu in east Malaita who came to attend the two week training in Foia village.

It is an introductory training which will lead up to a young entrepreneur’s training facilitated by the Youth@Work programme.

The small informal opening was graced the Provincial Minister of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs Hon Rose Liata.

Speaking to the youth during the ceremony, Ms Liata encouraged them to be prepared in becoming assets of their societies.

She further assured them that the Malaita provincial government has provided in its policy a framework to enhance the provisions for youth training and development therefore they should not think they are being left out.

During ceremony there was a section for questions and answers which gave the chance for participants to ask directly about the types of services available for them whether within the government or through other organisations such as Youth@Work.

The training was aimed at getting these young people to become self-aware of the potentials which they possess, issues that affect them and the roles they are responsible for in their families and their communities.

Specifically focused on the youth mindset development and their surrounding environment and become aware of issues like the Non-Communicable Diseases, Climate Change and the effects of a growing population which proves to put pressure on their available resources.

Speaking to the Youth@Work Provincial Coordinator Mr Hika Gone, he shared his enthusiasm and explains further what the training has contributed to in the lives of the young individuals.

“I understand it is very important for young people to know who they are individually or as a team, in that way they can utilize their potential for the better of their family and society.

“Through observation for the past few days, they have embraced the opportunity and in their time spending it together it has brought down some indifferences which they harbor in the past and this is one of the things we are proud to witness.”

Mr Gone said that most of the participants and the leaders in the community has showed positive response and have expressed their gratitude towards the initiative that was introduced to them.

He concluded by saying, that most of the participants have found the training to be an eye opener.

Among the dignitaries and facilitators Youth@Work thanks the support of Olafou Solomon Islands, the provincial youth division and other ministries who have attended and facilitated.

Youth@Work programme is implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in partnership with Solomon Islands Ministry of National Unity, Peace and Reconciliation, the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs with funding from the Queens Young Leaders Programme (UK), the Australian Government Aid Programme, the Pacific Leadership Programme and Plan International. Youth@Work is an initiative to tackle youth unemployment in Solomon Islands and to help youth of the Solomon Islands find pathways to employment and entrepreneurship.


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