Auki Taxi Service repairs road in Auki



MANAGEMENT of Auki Taxi Service on Monday this week took efforts to temporarily repair parts of the deteriorating roads within Auki town.

The brief repair of the roads was made following the impacts the road on road transport services especially in Auki.

According to report from the management of Auki Taxi Service, the condition of the road was a barrier to the taxi service they provide that affects their business.

It reported that upon the road condition faced, the newly established taxi based decided to temporary rehabilitate the road to ease the situation.

It said on Monday, members of the taxi service helped to refill potholes with gravels from Sikitae to Auki clinic a distance of 100 metres along the road.

The report said there are other segments of roads within Auki town with similar bad conditions and they are looking at temporary rehabilitation to the roads soon.

It said the effort is to relief the situation for time being while waiting for national government to fix the road.

This paper understands that Auki township road is part of SIRAP programme for Malaita province that also includes other road infrastructure like bridges and road rehabilitations outside of Auki.

National government through responsible aid donors are working on the programme and soon it will implement in the province.

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