Auki/Langalanga MP calls on to be accountable

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THE people of Auki/Langalanga are requesting their Member of Parliament (MP) to visit them to clarify how the funds for their constituency had been used.

A voter from Auki/Langalanga says on behalf of his people, he is calling on their MP, Mathew Wale to visit them and explain the acquittal reports from 2008 to 2018.

He said the people only wants to know how monies for their constituency had been spent. He said the money which their MP is withholding information on, belongs to the tax payers of this country.

“The money does not belong to government. We only want to know how the monies are being spent”.

He said they are not asking about projects being built in their constituency through the different government ministries and projects but are merely enquiring about monies allocated for the constituency through constituency funds.

“It is all that we want to know. Nothing else”, he said.

He says this is the time of the year where members of parliament are obliged to respond to their electorates whether they like it or not. He said as a voter in Auki/Langalanga constituency and a tax payer in Solomon Islands, he demands accountability from his MP.

“Because he will be contesting again and we need to know how the money is being spent. This is the peak time of politics and it is our time to make our MPs accountable”.

He said their MP shouldn’t be worried if he has nothing to hide.

Island Sun has not been able to get a respond from the MP nor members of his Steering Committee.

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