Auki communities call on police to ‘step up’



POLICE in Auki have been called on by leaders of the communities in Auki to step up in their roles of keeping the town safe and secure.

This call follows observations that alcohol consumption is increasing in the town, especially in the weekends, leading to a rise in anti-social behaviour.

“We call on the police to do further actions to reduce this kind of practices along the public roads and even in our communities.

“Most times many disturbances have occurred in our communities related to the consumption of liquor but when we call the police for help their response is always, ‘Not enough fuel and no vehicles were available’.

“This is our second call on media that we want to work closely with the police in order to reduce crime rate in our communities.

“Today the people in our communities depend entirely on police concerning law and order.

“We want our communities to be safe for our women and children.

“We also call on the Auki police once more to do their operations especially for those that produce kwaso and growing of marijuana in our communities.”

Just recently along

The leaders made reference to an incident in the south road area few kilometres from Auki, in which a young man in his 20s was stabbed with a knife by a man; both are believed to be under the influence of liquor at the time of incidence.

The man was taken to Kiluufi hospital by police few hours after the incident where he received treatment.

“We don’t want such incidents to happen in our communities in the future.

“We want to live in a peaceful environment and a happy home where everybody could enjoy.”

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