Audit Malaita and Honiara MPs: MMF

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By Mike Puia

THE Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has renewed its call on the 14 Members of Parliament (MPs) from Malaita province and the three Honiara MPs to produce and show independent audited reports of how they administer the constituency funds allocated to their respective constituencies.

The forum’s bold stand was decided during its executive meeting in Honiara on August 14.

In a press conference in Honiara yesterday, MMF vice president William Gua insisted Malaita and Honiara MPs must present audited reports of these funds before the National General Elections take place.

Gua said the Forum will take legal action against MPs who fail to comply.

He said their call is in line with the Public Financial Management Act 2013, Public Finance and Audit Act 1996 and CDF Act 2013.

He said these acts regulates the purpose, disbursement, reporting and auditing of the CDF paid from the national government’s consolidated funds into CDF accounts held by MPs and their officers.

He said complying with these acts will ensure all constituents are equally informed about projects funded under CDF.

Gua confirmed MMF has served letters to these MPs yesterday informing them to produce and display audited reports of how constituency development funds are being used dated back to 2010 to date.

He said they will give MPs time to respond but if they failed the Forum will resolve to legal options it opted to take.

Gua said for too long people have been denied the right to know how the funds intended to help them are being used.

He added he hope other provinces would take on the bold step the Forum has taken.

In a statement, MMF stated that the resolution demanding Malaita MPs to provide audited reports of the RCDF was made based on verbal complaints coming from its members about the unfair and unrepresentative distribution of the funds.

Honiara MPs have been included as majority of registered voters in these constituencies are Malaitans.

MMF stated that Malaita and Honiara MPs must lead by example by championing transparency and accountability in the way they discharge their roles and responsibilities at the national and constituency level.

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