Atoifi Adventist hospital receives urgently needed drugs  

By Alfred Sasako

Lester Asugeni of PAU receives a carton of drugs for Atoifi hospital from the Commercial Manager of SIPA Glyn Joshua.

IT is not always the case that hospitals turn to semi commercial organisations for help. But today times are hard – harder for some than others – including government institutions.

And while some remain quiet, others have reached out and are heard. One such institution is Atoifi Adventist Hospital in East Kwaio on Malaita.

This week the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) came its aid, providing $26,860 worth of urgently-needed drugs for the hospital.

The first batch of largely tablets, weighing 13.45kg left Honiara on a Solomon Airlines midday flight yesterday freight free. The second batch of injectable is on order from overseas and is expected to arrive in Honiara next weekend.

SIPA’s Chief Executive Officer, Eranda Kotelawala, who approved the support to the Hospital, was unable to handover the donation yesterday. Mr Kotelawala was engaged with a visiting Asian Development Bank (ADB) team.

His Commercial Manager, Glyn Joshua, stepped in to present the carton of drugs to Mr Lester Asugeni, who received it on behalf of Atoifi Adventist Hospital. Mr Asugeni is in charge of the Pacific Adventist University (PAU) which has now set up a base at the Hospital.

Mr Joshua’s father had a long association with the Hospital and the people of East Kwaio. He said SIPA is always willing to assist causes such as the shortage of drugs which Atoifi Adventist faced in recent months.

“It is my hope this support from SIPA will go a long way in saving lives, not only of the people of East Kwaio but also those who come to seek medical help from the hospital.

“We are happy to assist. This is a worthy cause and SIPA is more than pleased to be associated with it,” he said.

Mr Asugeni who once worked at the Atoifi Adventist Hospital before he joined PAU in Papua New Guinea where he graduated with a Master’s degree said SIPA’s assistance is deeply appreciated.

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