Assessment on proposed dumpsites for Auki conducted



THE Malaita Local Council has reported progress in their pursuit of a dumpsite for the provincial town of Auki.

Director of the Local Council and Regional Affairs, Mr George Waleka said assessment has already been conducted on two sites; one will be selected for the project.

He said the report of the assessment is important as it will decide the suitability of the site looking at the nature of the project.

Waleka said the two assessed sites include, Bablokona towards south of Auki town and a site near Aimela School towards north of Auki town.

He said the two sites were picked out of the other two sites previously identified Kunu and Molou which had to be dropped due to land related issues.

Waleka said they are now compiling report of the assessments and soon to be given to the executive for deliberation and approval.

He highlighted that the project will not merely dumpsite, but advance into a standard landfill where waste will properly segregated.

Waleka said at the moment the town is using a temporary dumpsite and establishing the project will become the permanent landfill for Auki town.

He said the issue of dumpsite for Auki town went back to around 1994 when the dumpsite used by the town was closed due to development.

Waleka said the issue remained since than until now where ideas now put together to pursue and address the area.

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