Arnon Atomea School acknowledges Japan



HEAD Teacher of the Arnon Atomea Primary in Malaita province acknowledges and commends Japan’s continuous support to Solomon Islands.

As a recipient of the Japanese Grassroots and Human Security grant scheme, Arnon Atomea Head Teacher Mr Lensley Kwaimani said the school administration and community at large are grateful for such an enormous support.

He said to receive such as amount of $695,362 is a great offer and timely, and will boost the learning capacity and environment of children who will access the facility in the present and near future.

“I bring my community’s thankful heart to you the Japanese Government for seeing us eligible and fortunate amongst many unfortunate applicants to be recipient of the Japanese Grassroots and Human Security project,” Kwaimani said.

He also adds dedicates the achievement to their fallen comrades in the history of Arnon Atomea School.

Kwaimani said their tireless effort in the upbringing of children of north Malaita in education from one generation to another will be upheld in the present and future generations.

In response, Japan’s Ambassador HE Kenichi Kimiya congratulated the school for their milestone achievement.

“On behalf of the Government of Japan, I would like to take this opportunity to say we are very pleased to contribute to the development for the people of Solomon Islands,” Mr Kimiya said.

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