China Hospital Ship for the health of Solomon Islanders

China Navy hospital ship “Ark Peace ” will pay a medical visit to Solomon Islands from 19th to 26th August, docking in the Honiara port to extend free medical services to Solomon Islanders.

With the capacity of receiving 600 patients per day from 20th to 25th August on deck, the ship’s medical team can provide medical services on deck as follows:

1. Essential medical services:

  1. Gastroenterology:  Routine or painless gastroscopy;
  2. General surgery: Appendectomy (laparoscopy or laparotomy), cholecystectomy (laparoscopy or laparotomy), hernia repair;
  3. Orthopaedics: repair of soft tissue open injury, fixation of open or closed fracture in the middle of limbs, excision of superficial Benign tumor, correction of Polydactyly, excision of osteochondroma;
  4. Ophthalmology: Cataracts;
  5. Obstetrics and Gynecology: Caesarean section, abnormal delivery, opens Female reproductive system mass resection, laparoscopic abdominal mass resection;
  6. Otolaryngology: Nasal endoscopic surgery;
  7. Stomatology: filling teeth, extracting teeth, simple inlaying teeth, cleaning teeth, root canal treatment, dental beauty;
  8. Traditional Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy: Cupping and moxibustion.
  9. Cardiology: heart disease diagnosis and treatment;
  10. Other Medical services in paediatrics, dermatology, respiratory, urology, nephrology, endocrinology, etc.

2. Auxiliary tests Services

  1. Blood routine examination, blood type, biochemical test (liver function, renal function, electrolytes, blood lipids), coagulation function, immune function (hepatitis A, B, and C, syphilis, AIDS), myocardial enzyme spectrum testing; Urine and stool routine tests;
  2. Computerized multi-lead ECG, Cardiac ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, Gynecological ultrasound, superficial organ ultrasound examination;

3)            Conventional digital X-ray examination, CT scans examination etc.

Don’t miss this good opportunity to get high-quality and effective medical services.

Clinic appointments are advised through Specialists Referral Clinic at National Referral Hospital, provincial hospitals, Honiara City Council clinics, GP clinics, Private Clinics in Honiara, and NRH Acupuncture clinic No Later Than 18th August, 2023.

All medical seekers will be accepted at the Honiara Port!

For enquiries, you can contact us between 8 am-4 pm.

44077: Referral Clinic

21068: NRH EOC

44088: Gynae clinic


-NRH and China Medical Team in Solomon Islands

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