Are we a country of thieves?

THE first of the arrivals of cruise boats to our shores has taken place yesterday at the Point Cruz International wharf. Namely Caledonia Sky and Ocean Dream, the visit yesterday by these two boats is certainly a boost in the right direction for the tourism industry.

One of the boats, Ocean Dream, a Japan-based International NGO Peace boat is on a mission for peace and to promote grassroots exchange and education about global issues.

As a committed campaigner for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) Ocean Dream brought mainly visitors from Japan who were hoping to and looking forward to meet warm and hospitable people of Solomon Islands.

Sadly that was not the case for few of the visiting guests. Instead of the warm and hospitable greeting from the people of Solomon Islands, they were sinisterly greeted to the warm welcome of the less fortunate who decided that thieving would be the most appropriate form of welcome for our visiting friends.

In this time and era where Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) is trying its best to market our country overseas for the effective boost of the tourism industry in the country, this sort of selfish attitude must be stopped.

Selfish, cowardice act by a few of our individuals will only tarnish our country’s good name and discredit the good work which our local tourism industry had worked so hard in boosting.

These poor visitors who were robbed yesterday will of course have something to remember about the Solomons. The country of thieves. Is this what we want for our country? To be remembered as a country of thieves?

Government as a signatory to the UN is also obliged to achieve the target goals of the SDGs of which Ocean Dream is a campaigner.

SDG 16 speaks of peace, justice and strong institutions. Levels of criminal activities like yesterday will have a destructive impact on the country’s development.

It is time we all stand together to work with the government, churches and each other to promote peace and love in our communities and society so that our country and ourselves will continue to prosper in harmony.

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