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Internal backbiting in HCC management over dark-tint issue


HONIARA City Council (HCC) just might fall over its own ordinance, it seems.

Faced with the issue of heavy dark tinted public buses and taxis, HCC management are pointing the finger at each other.

HCC transportation service taskforce is blaming the Law Enforcement division for not enforcing the dark-tint law.

Public are voicing their concerns over dark-tinted public buses and taxis which are not removing their tints despite HCC’s law against dark tints.

HCC had implemented its dark-tint law on April Fool’s Day this year, but since then nothing has been seen or felt. Public buses and taxis are being driven around with their heavy dark tints on, and HCC is silent.

In an exclusive interview yesterday with taskforce chairman, Mr Eddie Ngava, he said HCC has already made the law against dark tints for public transport, and now it is up to the law enforcement arm of HCC to implement it.

But, they obviously aren’t doing their job.

Ngava says HCC expects that by now dark tints on public buses and taxis have been removed.

And, any found with dark tints still on should be apprehended by the law enforcement division.

Ngava admits that HCC still receives complaints over short bus routes along with dark tinted public buses and taxis.

He says this shows that the HCC’s Law Enforcement are not doing their work.

“I made the policy, and it’s our Law Enforcement to carry out the duties and work needs to be done and service providers must abide with this ordinance too,” Ngava said.

He adds there is no reason why Law Enforcement should not be doing its job, because they have been paid to do it.

“I cannot do everything but make decisions that are according to the HCC ordinance and Law Enforcement section to carry it forward,” he said.

Ngava said they will discuss the matter this week and revisit implementation process of the act to remove tinted vehicles, and why Law Enforcement have not carried out their duties since April 1.

He said it’s a sad situation and maybe it something to do with internal management issue.

Island Sun sought information from HCC’s legal office for further clarification but they said the matter has been forwarded for discussions this week.

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