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Aoke Langalanga to receive new fisheries centre today




THE Ministry of Fishery and Marine Resources will hand over a Community Fishery Centre to the people of Aoke Langa Langa today.

The fishery centre located in Auki is one among five other CFCs in Malaita province which will also be handed to the people by the government.

Principal Fisheries Officer of Malaita Province Fishery office, Mr Martin Jasper said the CFC will be hand over to the people and to be administered by them.

He explained that the programme came under the national government through MFMR aiming at contributing to the enhancement of the livelihood of rural people through fishery.

Jasper said the establishment of CFCs throughout the country will encourage local fishermen and women to fish and sell the product at the fishery centre.

He said under the programme for Malaita province there were five CFCs namely, Honoa, (East Are Are), Hauhui, (West Are Are), Auki (Aoke Langa Langa), Malu’u (North Malaita) and Foufo (Baegu Asifoloa).

Jasper said the CFCs were equipped with solar, refrigerators and two 40hrs OBM and boat were also given to two among the mentioned CFCs as it will also roll to others.

He said after the handing over of the CFC project to the people of Aoke Langa Langa the team will go down to Malu’u on Wednesday for handover of a similar project to the people.

Jasper said under the programme there were 16 CFCs built in Guadalcanal, Malaita, Makira, Central Islands and Choiseul provinces.

The programme was funded by New Zealand Government through Making Solomon Strong in Fishier (MSSIF) in partnership with the Solomon Islands Government.