ANZ introduces safe mode of paying school fees


OFFICERS of the Pay School Fees Digitally using ANZ goMoney project are conducting an awareness on affordable paying of school fees and savings at the Honiara public places this week.

The programme lets public aware that parents can now pay school fees conveniently using ANZ goMoney, the mobile banking platform of ANZ in collaboration with PFIP and Premiere Group of Companies.

The Pay School Fees Digitally using ANZ goMoney project is designed to address challenges parents face with extensive traveling with money, which is too expensive and risky.

Now, things are safe, convenient and affordable with ANZ goMoney mobile banking.

ANZ officer help customer

On Wednesday and Thursday this week public awareness was held at the HCC’s headquarter and the central market which attracted many parents and individuals who created new accounts, collected forms and sought information.

Promotional activities continue today at the Honiara Central Market, and interested parents, students and individuals are welcome to create accounts using goMoney mobile banking.

Manager of goMoney, Mrs Elizabeth Sodu said Pay School Digitally using ANZ goMoney is a pilot project of ANZ’s joint venture with Pacific Financial Inclusive Programme (PFIP) and Premier Group of Companies.

She said they have already piloted it at King George School and St Nicholas School.

Sodu said if the pilot project is successful in these schools they will extend it other schools in the provinces.

goMoney Officer distribute information on broacher to interested customer

“Our idea is by six-month time we should add many Schools inside our target of 29 schools to reach throughout Solomon Islands,” Sodu said.

PFIP-UN CDF Project Coordinator Hilary Vanderwey said the purpose of the initiative is to ease parents’ difficulties in traveling with money.

She said now parents can transfer money through ANZ goMoney mobile banking without having to travel around with huge quantities of money, which is dangerous.

Ms Hilary said such initiative paves a pathway for parents to stay in the provinces and pay money through an agent in mobile banking and then transferring directly to the school.

“They don’t have to travel to Honiara and the money doesn’t have to travel through dangerous means of travel,” Hilary said.

Officers of the Pay School Fees Digitally using ANZ goMoney project pictured in group photo during their outdoor
activity held near HCC compound.

Managing Director of Premier Mobile Money and Digital Financial Services, Mrs Julie Haro said the idea to bank digitally is a great initiative that will help everyone.

“If we look at it, children will go to school without interruption and parents can still do their income generating because they planning for it when to pay for School fees,” Haro said.

Currently, ANZ has a total 46,000 goMoney customers and the project aims to reach 29 schools in the Solomon Islands by 2019’s end.

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