Anti-Corruption Bill is a blessing not a curse: Kaea

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FORMER Speaker of Makira/Ulawa province says the Anti-Corruption Bill is not a curse but a blessing that will transform Solomon Islands once it becomes a law.

In an interview with this paper Mr Goldie Kaea said the Bill is for the good of Solomon Islands and that members of Parliament must throw their support without fear so that the progress of the Bill runs smoothly.

He said the Bill is a trademark of the current government and all members of parliament and dropping the Bill for the second time will cause disappointment nationwide.

“Our members of Parliament must understand that the Bill is not a threat to them but a significant piece of legislation that would put across a strong message to all sectors in the country that corruption is bad and not good for Solomon Islands and its development aspirations,” Kaea said.

He said the continual adjournment of Parliament this week to next week plants doubt to many Solomon Islanders with questions whether the Bill will made it through to the Parliament this year.

Kaea said the Bill has a long way to go and he fears that Members of Parliament will play with people ignorance to slip the Bill away.

He adds that there is fear that the Bill (once it become Act) will going to remain inactive like other Acts the government and responsible authority are yet to enforce though the act were passed in parliament.

“I want to make reference to the Tobacco Act and the CDF Act. These two acts have never been enforced for unknown reasons.

“If the enforcement of these two acts are politicised, I fear this Anti-Corruption Bill will fall on the same road,” Kaea said.

He acknowledged the civil society organisations for taking the lead in making sure public views are presented to the leaders.

On the same note, Kaea called on the government to support the return of the Anti-Corruption Bill in the next meeting.