Anglican clergies urged to strengthen pastoral mission.

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CLERGIES of the Anglican Church of Melanesian have been urged to strengthen pastoral mission.

The advise was made following reports from Correctional Service of Solomon Islands (CSSI) which states that 97 percent of those imprisoned are members of Anglican Church.

According to CSSI, the rate has increased this year compared to a 2016 report which indicated that 90 percent of prisoners are members of the church.

This report stunned clergies who attended the recent Synod held at Selwyn College which summoned Anglican Church clergies and also church leaders nationwide.

Serious discussions have been made for possible interventions that would pave a way forward for the church to address the issue.

On the same token, members of the Anglican Church have been urged to adhere to the church’s Christian values, principles and traditions while helping the country to grow economically and spiritually.

According to World Population Review, Solomon Islands has 92 percent of Christian population and 35 percent of the total Christian population are member of Anglican Church of Melanesia.