Anglican catechists end training in Dala



A two-week training for catechists within Malaita’s central region has ended successfully yesterday at Dala north community in west Kwara’ae.

Speaking to Island Sun yesterday, central region mission secretary (RMS) Mr Matthias Basale said more than 100 catechists serving in the central region under the Anglican diocese of Malaita attended the training known as block-two courses.

“Catechists from Buma parish in west Kwara’ae to Sisifiu parish in West Fataleka were attending the two weeks of training at Dala.

“The catechists were also completed block 1 courses last September at Sisifiu and they are preparing to undergo block three by September this year.”

The courses include, leader and his prayer life, leader and his caring and healing ministry, leader and teaching ministry, making disciples through the cell groups level 2, biblical preaching Lagham approach level 2, biblical stewardship level 2, mindset transformation and leadership level 2 and good governance leadership level 2.

Basale thanked the diocesan staffs and the diocesan Bishop, Sam Sahu, for facilitating the training.

Secretary of the Anglican diocese of Malaita, Anthony Maelasi highlighted that the central region is the first to undergo both blocks 1 and 2 training.

He said the courses train the catechists on their roles and responsibilities in their communities.

Maelasi said, “You will carry out what you have learnt here and do the same work that the apostles have done in the early church ministry.

“You will be responsible to work and preach the word of God to all people you are serving and bring them God.

“You will face challenges but seek God first in all your missions and your pastoral care as a catechist in your communities, parishes, region and the diocese as a whole.”

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