An observation – every picture tells a story

DEAR EDITOR, the saying, ‘Every picture tells a story,’ is a common saying in English and is often said when what really happened in a situation is clear because of the way someone or something looks.

In the context of the front page photographs displayed in the Solomon Star and in the Island Sun newspapers last week which displayed the work being done by an instructor at the Taiwan Technical School Mission in teaching Malaitan farmers cultivation farming methods the message couldn’t have been clearer

Giving practical ‘hands on help’ to people in the Solomon Islands rural communities is much needed, and I believe appreciated, and what better way to demonstrate tangible aid.

Surprisingly, the reporting and illustrations of the farming training carried more coverage in the local media than Taiwan’s latest payment of SBD 44.7 million to the Solomon Islands Government for various constituencies on 8 May 2018.

Yours sincerely


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