Amwata fulfills needs of Star Harbour farmers  

THE commissioning of LC AMWATA recently at the historic port of Namuga, Star Habour is a dream come true and a long awaited answer to irregular shipping service to the region.

The occasion has brought together hundreds of well-wishers from throughout the East Makira Constituency and they in part have witnessed first-hand the tangible result of aspirations of AMWATA Shipping Company berthed at Namuga wharf and all ready to provide enhanced transport infrastructure and shipping service to the vastly economical area of Star Harbour region.

It is not only an important occasion but more significantly a historic achievement for the Star Harbour region to finally have its very own sons with accomplished and enterprising audacity venturing out into this complex undertaking to bring reliable shipping service to their communities of North and South Star Harbour including Santa Ana and Santa Catalina.

For many years the Star Harbour region which is a huge copra producing area with a proven potential for increased cocoa production and abundant marine resources including timber milling has long been severely serviced by irregular shipping, thus, resulting in most farmers giving up on their plantations.

Essentially, it comes as no surprise and there can, however, be no little doubt that Eddie Aife and his other Director- Partners including those within the inner-circle of AMWATA Shipping Company have deeply regretted the plight of the people and so they must be applauded for their wisdom, foresight, and altruistic heart in giving back all their individual resources to seek ways and means of providing shipping service to their communities and farmers of Star Harbour region.

On this note the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) too must be commended for the assistance it had provided for this noble venture through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID).

Additionally, as someone who holds close affinity to the plight of our communities and farmers of Star Harbour as well as holding firmly to the notion that the only way forward for our people is working together; I for one feel obliged by my virtuous ideals to personally congratulate AMWATA Shipping Company and not forgetting, in particular, my long time ‘brother’ Eddie Aife for attaining a historic milestone in his entrepreneurial endeavour.

Perhaps it would be noble of me to add that, while I may not be very familiar with his other co-directors of AMWATA Shipping Company, but for my pal Eddie Aife I can vouch for him as a one-time working colleague, that he is a down-to-earth brother and that he is a quiet-accomplisher, very hardworking and I know he can deliver for our people.

Clearly, the company knew what suits the people and are familiar with the geographical nature of most of the ports in East Makira where most of them are perilously located just over the fringes of the reefs making it hazardous for ships but more ideal for landing-crafts such as the LC AMWATA. Thus, the choice of a landing craft is a good choice.

Meanwhile, Star Harbour too is a renowned boat building region of Makira province with unmatched skills and I am together with the proponents of the idea to establish boat building on Star Harbour and as if he had not done enough already, Eddie Aife has further revealed during the commissioning ceremony that the second phase of his continuing plans for AMWATA Shipping Company is the rejuvenation of the existing shipbuilding skills of the few locals left to pass it on to the younger generation.

That is awe-inspiring news for the many proponents of boat building on Star Harbour; hence, we are all indebted to the visions of AMWATA for Star Harbour to continue being a boat building region and to one day see boat building become a probable future economic bolstering industry for Star Harbour and the province as a whole.

Finally, it is my conviction that if everyone could put their heads together and seek harmonious interaction, development, cooperation and support for the services provided by AMWATA I can proudly say that we can all be proud of ourselves as Amwea and Atawa people of the same origin; we are all from Star Harbour.


George Mackenzie Siapu

Santa Ana

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