Alleged conman before Auki court



A man stands accused in Auki court for lying to people and obtaining money from them.

Yesterday, the court read out allegations against Mr Peter Fakaia which include making false promises to people in return for money.

On August 29, 2017, Peter allegedly met a Isaac Nogwae of Kona village, central Kwara’ae and told him that he was the field operations manager for most of the logging companies operating in Solomon Islands.

The accused reportedly said he dealt mainly with piggery projects for interested applicants, who he said must first fill in an application form which would qualify the applicant to receive $7,200 every September for five consecutive years.

Court was told that the complainant, Mrs Prudence Olofia, became convinced and gave Mr Fakaia $2,500.

Next day, the suspect went back to the complainant’s home and gave a form, titled Monitoring Logging Operation, PO Box 135, phone 30824, to her for signing.

The accused was given another $1,000 by the complainant as approval fee.

He then advised the complainant to attend a meeting at Rarasu Motel on Monday September 4, 2017.

The complainant went there on that date only to find out that there was no such meeting scheduled for that day, and no sign of Fakaia.

Prosecutors further that on September 6, the suspect returned to the complainant and told her that her project had been approved, which would cost her an extra $2,000 approval fee – she gave him the money, totalling her contributions to $5,500.

The accused then asked her to find a partner she trusted to sign and work alongside her.

This new partner, said Fakaia was going to receive a substantial amount of money.

Mrs Olofia then persuaded a sister of hers who signed and gave $1,500 to Fakaia.

He then advised both females to attend a meeting at Rarasu motel on September 8, which again resulted as the first promised meeting.

The complainants then realised that they had been duped and reported the matter to the police.

On Sunday, September 10, Fakaia went back to the complainants and tried to make some more arrangements.

However, this time the complainants would have none of it and insisted that the suspect refund their money.

He tried to escape but youths from the village chased him and took him to the Auki police station.

The suspect is remand for 14 days and will appear again on the 27th of this month at the Auki Magistrate court.

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