Allegations of abuse in Kiluufi mental unit

DEAR EDITOR, the concern psychiatric male staff at the national psychiatric unit has dismiss the false allegations levelled against them.

The allegations levelled against National Psychiatric male staff in the Island sun paper is false and not true.

We have heard that there has been many recent false allegations reported by a Senior female midwife Nurse manager from Kiluufi hospital that her falsity of her foregoing statement’s is confirmed by many of her work mates at Kiluufi hospital wards before demanding NPU management to investigate the matter allowing 2 weeks but while the matter is in process for investigation she decided to go over to Honiara and made different approach outside the correct boundary’s and proper line of communication which she shouldn’t posted any statements while investigation still in process instead it end up in the social Media.

Her posted statement’s about Psychiatric MALE staff in the island sun paper via Malaita Provincial Premiere are false and defamatory, and have caused significant harm to us and more specifically damages the National psychiatric Unit’s profession status.

If the allegations are relatively simple that the patient made an inappropriate approach and comments likely do not need an external investigation, often the hospital management can conduct whatever limited inquiry’s maybe needed and the allegations can be resolved through the Admin managements normal disciplinary channels.

Her bad administration and unproven investigation done by her without providing actual source from management shows what a unprofessional administrator she is but who only depend on second hand information provided by mental ill patient to base her conclusion prior to spreading news and rumours of such unproven statement in the Media.

The right way is for her to come to the NPU management team to interview and properly investigate the matter first to prove that with NPU management team before she may seek further expatriate investigation if she did not satisfy with the feedback provided by the management.

The false allegations levelled against us and our beloved National Psychiatric unit could result in legal suite against her and those associate for damages and defamatory of characters of concern male staff nurses and the National Psychiatric Units Nursing profession.

She should understand that dealing with social media, situation can be confusing and emotional for the public.

Feelings of anger or fear can provoke hasty decisions that harm ultimate objectives. In fact kneejerk reactions to a social media crisis can make problems much worse and create new problems that didn’t exist before.

We have repeatedly reading the statement posted in Island sun paper clearly indicate someone who posted the statement like to cover up with no name to see against the allegation and why not she complete the assignment to prove it.

On 16/06/2018 chiefs were call by 2 party’s to see the statement levelled against us in the media at Police station. Hence, we contacted her about the issue statement in island sun paper but she denied those content statements that she was not aware of the false and misleading information and are not applicable to anyone, this is what she mentioned. She pronounce to us she collected lots of other information from the same mental ill patient but denied who should blame for those allegations.

The spreading and leakage of information are confirmed by her type of social network and those of relevant third parties to yield further information that corroborate the timeline of information she burst out to Kiluufi staff and the public.

For her statement of rape/ physical abusive to any of psychiatric sick female patients by male staff as stated by island sun paper is not only false but factually impossible.

Therefore we would like to state that we are not that kind of person as levelled in the island sun paper.


George Aopuru,

National Psychiatric unit

Kiluufi hospital

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