Lands commissioner clarifies re-tendered land lots in South Honiara


THE Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey (MLHS) has opened a second tender for land lots in the South Honiara Division.

Commissioner of Lands, Alan McNeil welcomes anyone to apply, whether for the first time or second.

“The land board approved a second round of lots for public tender,” Mr McNeil said.

“These are for lots where either (a) nobody applied the first time, or (b) nobody who applied met the Land Board’s minimum financial proof that they have sufficient funds to pay the offer and properly develop the land, or (c) the people who were given offers failed to pay the offer by the stated deadline.

“Anyone is welcome to apply again.”

Commissioner McNeil made this clarification in light of complaints raised by several people who missed out in the 2022 South Honiara Tender.  

A group of residents who missed out said they are willing to purchase the plots as they had settled on some of the plots since 2016 and those who were allocated the plots had never claimed them ever since

Spokesperson for the group, Robert Fo’oka said since last year, they had been trying to reach out to the MLHS by going to the office and filing in complaints to negotiate for the plots but had never received a response.

He said there are growing frustrations among the residents as the MLHS had not responded to their complaints and instead went on to retender the plots.

Fo’oka called on the Commissioner to look into their concern so they can make

payment of the plot as soon as possible instead of going through the second tender

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