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Bintan Mining (SI) Ltd releases documents on bauxite shipment


BINTAN Mining (SI) Ltd has released documents which the company says exonerate it from false claims its Solomon Islands’ bauxite exports were without proper documentation.

“It is absolutely wrong for anyone to suggest that there were no documents to show quality and quantity of our shipments, the company said in response to recent claims to the contrary. The claims were made at the recent hearing of the Public Accounts Committee.

“It is absolutely wrong as it is common knowledge that there are independent entities to oversee and countersign shipments. Every government, including the Solomon Islands’ government ensures this process is undertaken. We have been doing this.

“It is for this reason that Bintan Mining (SI) Ltd has decided to release the documents to show that the Company’s activities remain above board,” sources close to the company, told Island Sun over the weekend.

These documents include:

  • Independent Survey draft report by China Certification & Inspection Group, which is well known in the trade, for quantity;
  • Independent Mate’s receipt by Tradco, for quantity;
  • Independent Stowage Plan by the Shipping Company, for the quantity dividing into individual hatch of the vessel;
  • Independent Certificate of Quality, for the quality & moisture content; and
  • Original Bill of Lading by the Shipping company

Island Sun has obtained copies of these documents. In one, a Letter of Authorisation to sign Bill of Ladings (BLs) the Master of the Panama-flagged Bulk carrier, MV Expert, Captain Sun Daohui, wrote:

“I, the undersigned, the Master of MV Expert, IMO9122564, Panama flag, loading cargo of 73,800,000MTS bauxite ore in bulk in port of Rennell, Solomon Islands, for main port of China destination, hereby authorise you as agent on my behalf to sign the Bills of Lading for the abovementioned shipment which are to be strictly in conformity with the Master’s receipt and other documents concerned.

“Any Bill(s) of Lading and/or documents issued in non-conformity with this authorisation will be null and void,” the letter dated April 19, 2018, said.

The letter was addressed to ABC Shipping (Hong Kong) Ltd.

It is understood that before any shipment leaves the country, it is inspected by a government clearance team which consists of officers from the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Customs Division of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Immigration and Labour and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

The team uses the various documentations to verify shipments prior to departure.

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