According to a news broadcast by the SIBC on 3 December 2017, from which I quote.

Some local women became so concerned about the waste management issue that they decided to form Plasticwise Gizo in February this year.

Chairwoman, Rendy Solomon, said members of Plasticwise Gizo focus on promoting the three Rs of waste management — reduce, reuse and recycle — for plastic bags and other plastic products.

Over four days this year, the women showcased different ways to recycle plastic, such as by making purses, mobile phone holders, garlands and flower decorations.

Since its formation, the group has also held a plastic recycling workshop with the United Church Women’s Fellowship in Gizo and conducted awareness programs in 10 area schools.

Plasticwise Gizo will meet in February to set its agenda for next year.

I heartily congratulate Ms Rendy Solomon and Plasticwise for the initiative taken in helping to protect the environment from unwanted plastic rubbish and turning the waste into saleable items.

Well done to all concerned and thank you!

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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