Agriculture a defence against impacts of climate change



A strengthened and diversified agriculture sector is the best defence against impacts of climate change.

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Augustine Maue Auga made the statement during the recent launch of Adaliua Integrated Pig and Agriculture Training Centre in Malaita.

He said the resilience of rural people to mitigate occurrences of external shocks such as climate chance extremes need to be supported.

“Our people have been growing crops and raised livestock for ages, based on traditional knowledge and the will to help each other are still alive in our communities and village.”

However, he said with changes in population demand and other issues such as need for access to arable land, transport difficulties, difficulties in access to both domestic and export markets, rural farmers are face with a more difficult situation than before.

Auga said with that a renew interest macros all sectors to re-invigorate agriculture for all the right reasons.

Importantly for its critical role in achieving sustained growth, trade development and poverty alleviation, he said.

The minister said in that it will continue to meet national food security needs and to help contribute to boosting the country’s GDP.

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