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Advocacy training for campaign managers

CM’s in a group discussion
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SICW Casper Faasala

CAMPAIGN managers (CM) are on a three-day advocacy training beginning yesterday in Auki.

Facilitator Casper Fa’asala from the Solomon Islands national council of women (SINCW) said the training aims to empower participants especially women on how to do campaigning in politics in their wards and constituencies.

“We are educating people on advocacy trainings as we approach our national general election by early next year.

“The participants will deliver advocacy awareness’s in their communities within their respective wards and constituencies.

“These three days of training will provide the participants as campaign mangers more information and knowledge.

“This same training is also conducted in Buala Isabel province where we are looking forward to organize such training in other provinces after Buala and Auki.”

The training is facilitated by Solomon Islands Council of Women and was fully supported by the European Union (EU), Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and UNDP.

One of the women participants Mrs Brenda Tome appreciated the training as ‘one of the best trainings ever attended’.

“I have involved in politics during the past years but I have no clear knowledge on how to become a campaign manager.

“I have work closely with one of our women politician in Malaita province and I see women are capable to become leaders in the national parliament.

“Women’s issues will be address if we have more women into the politics.”

Participants in a group photo
CM’s in a group discussion

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