Adeliua Taiwanese farm introduces organic farming



ADELIUA Taiwanese farm at Fiu, near Auki, has extended its set-up for farmers within the central region in Malaita province.

Taiwanese style of farming was first introduced at Adeliua in Fiu in 2016, and has played a vital role for farmers especially to introduce the similar settings back in their communities in terms of farming.

Speaking to this paper yesterday, Enoch Gwala, Taiwanese worker at Adeliua, said the idea of the Taiwanese agriculture set up is good especially for the people in the rural communities to improve their subsistence farming.

He said, in some cases people often burn their rubbish after clearing the sites for their farms but it is not the right way to preserve the soil for farming.

Gwala added, the Taiwanese farming ideas introduced at Adeliua are more helpful in terms of soil preservation.

In the Taiwanese farm they introduced new format of planting pana, sweet potatoes, cassava, sugar cane, bean, taro, peanut and some other local types of crops and vegetables.

ROws of Cassava blocks at Adeliua Taiwanese farm
New blocks for Peanut at Adeliua
Part of the sugar cane Farm
Rows of Pana at Adeliua
Taiwanese farm office at Adeliua at Fiu
The new ploughed site prepared for vegetables

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