Acknowledging past and present volunteers in SI

DEAR EDITOR, the Solomon Islands will shortly celebrate its 40th year of independence as a sovereign nation and I reflect on the past twenty one years in particular.

I would like to focus on the help the Solomon Islands has received in those twenty one years from many volunteers that have come from many countries, including in the time I spent in the country, the members of the US Peace Corps and young volunteers from Japan Taiwan and Britain.

In more recent times, the country has seen growing numbers of volunteers come to aid services country wide, including volunteer specialist doctors, nurses, eye specialists, ear specialist, nutritional experts, those with special training and interest in caring for the disabled and those aiding women and girls suffering from domestic violence.

Other volunteers have come as craftsmen, builders, joiners and those skilled in water and sanitation projects.

Often schools have been helped by craftsmen that have built new classrooms or repaired facilities.

In this 40th year of independence let us remember all those volunteers who came and those still serving and give thanks for their selfless, devoted help to the nation.

As I write the NZ volunteer service is to expand its work in the Pacific

Quoting Radio New Zealand, the New Zealand volunteer agency, Volunteer Service Abroad, has said a lift in funding from the New Zealand Government will allow it to expand services around the Pacific region.

The 14 percent increase was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, who said “VSA was an important partner for the government in supporting its regional development aspirations.”

Yours sincerely



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