Acknowledgement to gov’t and people of Solomon Islands

DEAR EDITOR, as the 2018 academic year has approaching its end, I as the President outgoing of SISA, On Behalf of the Solomon Islands Student Association here in Fiji, wish to convey our sincere gratitude and acknowledgement to the government of the day and especially the Minister of Education, the PS, the hard working staffs of NTU, the Minister of finance, His PS and Staffs for Prioritising the allowance and welfare of our students studying here in the various institutions in Fiji.

This year 2018 has begun with many challenges and especially the financial hardship our country is facing.

The allowance delay of students is an ongoing issue that students faced year in year out.

All we can see in the media when it comes to allowance issue was us complaining.

However, upon commencement of the 2nd semester 2018, there has been a huge twist which despite the unstable financial difficulties our country is facing, the two ministries has opt to prioritised our students in facilitating the allowance on time.

It was indeed a new turn as all allowance has been paid right on the first day of each month.

Which really motivates students to strive more on what we are sent here for.

Therefore, we wish to give all credit to the two Ministries and also the hardworking tax payers of Solomon Islands for your hard earned money which was spent on our cause.

We believe one day we will come back and join you all in serving our country and continue on where all of you have left.

With that said, Thank you Solomon Island Citizen and thank you SIG

Former SISA President

Lawrence Ini Kopuria

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