Accessibility for people with disability a challenge


ACCESSABILITY to services in the county has become a challenge for people with disability.

Elwin Talo, from the Community Based Rehabilitation unit, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, highlighted this at the commemoration of the International Day with Disability.

“Accessibility to services in existing in the country becomes a challenge for disability in this country but we would like to see this accessibility becomes a very important starting point for every services,” said Mr Talo.

He said the ministry together with its partners have worked achieve the disability inclusive and that is what they are trying to do to progressively mainstream disability across sectors.

Talo said Solomon Islands have adopted a strategy and since adopting this it also comes with Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and also a declaration which provides a health for all and providing rehabilitation and documentation of CBR which evolves to be inclusive development strategy.

“With that we are not only looking at rehabilitation but as well as involving people with disability in other sectors.

“Therefore, the CBR guidelines highlights six main principal which aligns to our theme and also to other main frame works of the world and regional frame works of the Six principals of uniting these contexts which are inclusion, participation, sustainability empowerment, self-advocacy and free environment.

“So, over the years including now we are trying to advocate for the integration of rehabilitation within the health system meaning it’s a multiple discipline approach towards health and rehabilitation.

“So, with that we also advocate within the ministry they access services for people with disability not only rehabilitation also with other services.

“In terms of disability we advocating not in the ministry but other ministries and stakeholders in disability main streaming apart from disability pacific.”           

The theme of the event reads, “Building back better towards disability inclusive accessible and sustainable post corvid wealth”.

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