A seminar on innovation soon in Auki



Head of the National Psychiatric Unit at Kilu’ufi Hospital, Dr Rex Maukera.

A one-day innovation seminar has been proposed for Thursday next week in Auki.

The seminar aims to train and develop the mindset of people for positive thinking.

Dr Rex Maukera, who will be conducting the training, says the training mainly focusses on how to develop an innovative and creative mindset.

Having a background in psychiatry, he said so many times the mindsets of people are narrow because of the environment and what has been experienced.

“So I believe if we start to create people’s shift of mindset they will make great use of opportunities around us.

“For example, instead for people to see situation as a problem they will see as an opportunity.

“That will also help people to see opportunity outside to make use of it rather than going to MPs to ask free handouts from them everytime,” he said.

Maukera also added that during the training they will introduce a method of “zoom-in zoom-out zoom-in” on how to generate ideas.

Maukera said he will also cover “grow and fix mindset” that motivates human beings in many aspects of development.

The training is open to youths, women, men and organisations who interested to be part of the training.

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