A mystery plastic bag and ‘few’ Chinese?


THE mysterious plastic bag and its content is still at large as police continues its investigation into the ‘Chinese plastic window’ incident at the Pacific Casino Hotel.

The two Chinese known to be behind the incident are currently held in quarantine. Police say they are brothers.

However, police reports imply that there could be ‘others’ involved in this unprecedented incident, which public view as a deliberate disregard for the country’s laws and safety of its people amid the covid-19 pandemic.

While police are in the dark as to what was contained inside the plastic bag, sources very close to the matter told Island Sun earlier this week that one of the two Chinese has claimed that the plastic bag contained “medicine”. No further details have been provided.

So far, the two Chinese have tested negative for covid-19.

In a media conference yesterday, police commissioner Mostyn Mangau said they will deal with the ‘brothers’ when they complete their quarantine terms.

“On September 7 investigation commenced on this issue and police continued with investigations and assisted the ‘health’ to locate the person driving in and receiving the plastic,” said Mr Mangau.

“So the person is also quarantined at our quarantine stations [one of quarantine stations] and after his quarantine we will deal with him for violating our quarantine regulation.

“The plastic was passed through by the brother of the Chinese receiving it. This was by going through another room and receiving it through the ventilation.

“It was picked up and when the Camp Management drove to the ‘pick up’ spot to check after being alerted, the Chinese escaped in a Hilux.”

However, good thing a photograph was taken so the police and health people followed up and located the brother of the Chinese under quarantine and also brought him for quarantine said the Police Commissioner.

“So the health has done testing [on the plastic picker] and it was negative. The police will deal with these brothers after the 14 days quarantine,” said Mangau.

When asked for what was in the parcel, Mangau said from investigation before they can confirm what is in it.

“What is happening at the moment too is Police will be also looking at obtaining the camera (CCTV) to look at what is contained in the parcel. So from the outcome of the investigation we can be updated on police findings.

“Both the accused are brothers. Whether this incident was pre-planned, the ‘plastic picker’ going to pick up the plastic was through communication. Those are areas the investigation team will look at during the course of the investigation,” said Mangau.

The ‘plastic picker’ drove beside the Pacific Casino car park and received the plastic from outside the wing declared a quarantine station cordoned and sealed off for public access.

He did not go through the cordoned area. He received the plastic outside of it. He passed through to pick it up when it was thrown out. The plastic is said by police to have gone through from another room to another room before it was passed out.

“What will happen is police will conduct investigation to look at how the parcel was transferred from another room to another room and then going out the window for the receiver,” said Mangau.

The Police Commissioner said such action is totally wrong under the quarantine regulation.

On whether there will be a lengthy penalty due to the seriousness of what the two brothers have done for the general public’s sake which could had gone worst, the Police Commissioner said they understand the penalties imposed under the regulations as it depends very much on the court.

“The court will determine the weight of evidence provided before it can impose penalty on whoever breaching quarantine regulations. Police will try to complete its investigation and collect whatever evidence needed and then the court will decide on what it will do on this matter,” said Mangau.

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