A mismatch and disconnection in traditional beliefs: Wale  


MEMBER of Parliament for Aoke/Langa Langa Mr Matthew Wale says there is a mismatch and disconnection between Wala’s tradition and modern society.

Wale was speaking during the launching of the ‘Birana I Wale’ book yesterday which documents the traditional beliefs of the Wala tribe of Langa Langa in Malaita province.

“Our education system is almost entirely focus on training our young people to live within the 21 century and very little emphasis on our cultures, and I think we are suffering the consequences of that disconnect that is neglect since we gained independence.

“Publication of the Birana I wala book goes a long way towards redeeming some of that lost ground, and I hope that my very good people of Wala will be using it for bed time stories to kids because its codified by custom and traditional value.”

Wale said documenting stories helps people to understand their identity and land title ownership.

“Having that knowledge will enable us to be liberated and see a way to hold together both the need to hold on together for good value and practices,” he said.

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