8th SINU talk


THE 8th Solomon Islands National University (SINU) talk will be on State formation, state building and the unfinished task of nation building in Solomon Islands.

This topic seeks to address aspects of state building and the unfinished task of nation building in the Solomons.

The talk will be guided by five key questions; what is a state/state building? What is a nation? In the past 40 years, how have we engaged in state building and nation building? Why is nation building seen as the unfinished business in the Solomons? and, what are some of the steps involved in nation building?

Moreover, it is said that Solomon Islands has been involved more in state building than nation building.

Therefore, as the nation will be celebrating its 40th anniversary it is better to focus on nation building within the next 40 years.

It will be held today 5pm at the Kukum campus lecture theatre and Mr Sam Alasia will be addressing the topic with Dr David Gegeo as moderator.

Alasia graduated with a BA in politics from USP, 1982. He is currently pursuing PhD studies but on study leave. He worked in various ministries from 1983 to 1988 and became the MP for West Kwaraae – 1989 -1997. He is a writer and published a novel in 2003 and currently co-editing (with Professor Kabini Sanga) a book by Solomon Islanders.

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