70-yr-old awaits court in Gizo


GIZO police have charged and remanded the 70-year-old man accused of having raped a six-year-old girl at the Helena Goldie compound.

He is being kept in custody awaiting his court date.

RSIPF Police Commissioner Mr Mathew Varley has described the case in a press conference yesterday as ‘very sensitive and difficult case’.

He acknowledges the work of his officers who were involved in the arrest.

“I want to acknowledge the work of police officers involved in this case because it is a very difficult and sensitive case obviously and very traumatic case for everyone involves not least the family of this young girl,” Varley said.

He reiterates that there is no reason to insult or harm any woman or girl in this country, and in particular, the case of insulting a child is not acceptable, adding that police is taking this case seriously.

Meanwhile, he appeals to members of the community where the incident occurred to come forward if they have any information and share it with the police.

“If there is any further report or information on sexual assault on young girls in your community, come forward to the police, it’s time that communities say enough is enough and police will take action,” Varley said.

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