6 Solomon Islands citizens stranded in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport. Photo by Business Traveller
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SIX Solomon Islands citizens are stranding in Hong Kong after their holiday was cut short by the Coronavirus.

According to Chris Briggs they; including his friend, her sister, husband and three children went to China early in January just before the issue blew up.

Brigss said since then their “holiday” has been nothing short of a nightmare and a financial disaster.

This came after the Ministry of Health and Medical Services issued a joint travel advisory to restrict people entering Solomon Islands if they come from countries that have confirmed cases of coronavirus.

“All are Solomon Islands citizens.

“To me it is simple. A government bulletin advising all citizens that they will be welcomed home, not treated like pariahs, perhaps quarantined, but definitely not turned away from their home countries,” he said.

Briggs said none of them display any symptoms of Coronavirus.

“It is very sad that this has not already been done by the Minister of Health or the Minister of immigration. Citizens affected must be at their wits end.

“I have tried to contact the Ministers or their office with no-one answering. I have tried ringing the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health, no answers,” he said.

“Now I am trying the only other thing that could help, not just my friend and her family members, but anyone else caught up in this through no fault of their own.

“I do have someone at MOH trying to get a decision for me but 2 days have passed almost and it is still going to different committees for consideration,” he said.

“It is so simple.

“Get the people home that call this place home. Solomon Islanders need support from the government and failing that, the people need to march,” he said.

Briggs said the only way that is going to happen is if organisations such as yours highlight the issue and put Ministers on the spot to earn their positions.