6 restaurants ordered to close down


HONIARA City Council (HCC) has ordered six more restaurants to close down yesterday following inspections.

HCC Chief Health Inspector Mr George Titiulu said restaurants which have received temporary closure notice have increased from four to six.

He said the temporary notice issued was a good means for restaurants to start complying with HCC‘s regulations.

“Having the inspection done will enable all restaurants meet the daily need of consumers on each of their daily basis and also will help HCC to have reports of restaurants within the capital to link with HCC licensees section.

“Also will enables HCC to identify and aware of which restaurants have continues its services deliveries and which one have closed,” said Titiulu.

This initiative has made HCC to file accurate reports regarding restaurants at the end of each day and as well as additional verbal explanations.

The re-inspection of the initially closed restaurants began yesterday soon after they have worked very hard to meet regulations.

Titiulu said closed restaurants will begin operating again soon after the final clearance to reopen is done by HCC.

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