541 reported with vaccine side effects

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A total of 541 additional individuals reportedly experienced COVID-19 vaccine side effects relating to the administration of the vaccines, says Dr Yogesh Choudhri.

Choudhri, senior Advisor to Ministry of Health and Medical Services, revealed in a recent radio talk back show on COVID-19 update.

“We received a total of 541 reports of adverse events related to the administration of the vaccines,” he said.

Choudhri added these side effects mostly involved pain in the arm, headache, muscle ache, body ache, and joint ache.

But he said these are over within two days.

“We have also received four reports of serious events which was also related to the vaccination but when the detailed reports were analysed, they were not associated with the vaccination,” he said.

Choudhri also thanked Australia for the donation of 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca, which he said was so far the largest consignment of the vaccines.

He said with that, the country currently has 145,000 doses of vaccine currently in stock.