36 hour curfew

RSIPF Officer check a vehicle at Lunnga checkpoint during the curfew on Saturday 11th April.
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A 36-hour lockdown is proposed for next week for Honiara emergency zone from Poha Rive to Alligator Creek.
This is part of government measure and preparedness for possible COVID-19 positive test.
Prime Manasseh Sogavare in his nationwide address yesterday said the proposed lockdown is a standard procedure to test the country capability in preparations for any possible COVID-19 positive case.
He said experts around the world have also been calling on countries affected by COVID-19 to continue to be vigilant and to be prepared for a second wave of infections.
He said the lockdown is also the government strategy to maintain alertness with regards to the global warnings of perceived second of infection.
“I would like to reiterate my call to Honiara citizens to take heed of the intentions of the government for a lock down and follow protocols of the lockdown”, The Prime Minister said.
He said the lockdown is to test the capability of frontlines on how they can manage if any situation arise in terms of the covid-19.
The curfew or lock-down will restrict movement of people in the Emergency Zone in Honiara which is from Alligator Creek east of Honiara to Poha River west of Honiara.
On previous curfew on April 10 and 11 the curfew order does not cover the provinces and in Honiara only people working in essential services including health workers, correctional services and the police were allowed to move during the curfew.
Police on the last occasion also clarified that sick people can have access to the hospital during the curfew hours, they can call the ambulance or can explain to the officers at allocated check-points.