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A man found guilty for assaulting his wife with a knife will be jailed for three years and six months.

High Court Judge Justice Maelyn Bird made the sentence at the High Court yesterday.

This is in relation to the case of a 20-year-old man Michael Fasiadi charged on one count of acts intended to cause grievous harm in relation to an incident which occurred on May 27 2020.

The incident happened at the Tina Road on Central Guadalcanal.

Justice Bird in her sentencing told the accused that the injuries sustained by the victim are serious as she had multiple injuries to various parts of her body.

She said the victim was blessed that the various injuries were not fatal.

Ms Bird told the accused that from what transpired on the date of the offending, it would be advisable that you must not allow yourself to get so intoxicated that you are unable to control your behaviour and temper.

“If you have killed the victim on that occasion, you could have been liable to face a sentence of life imprisonment, I urge you to learn from this grave mistake and do not re-offend.

“I have also seen from the agreed facts that you committed the offending between the hours of 4am to 6am, the victim was sleeping at your house with your three months old baby when you arrived and caused an argument with her.

“There is no justification for your action on the victim, your action had deprived the victim of her peace and tranquility at home, you terrorized her, in her own home in the early hours of the date of offending”, Ms Bird said.

Ms Bird also took into account the reconciliation between the victim’s family and the accused family.

Therefore, she told the accused to always learn to discuss and dialogue with his wife to settle issues affecting their family as there is no need to commit violence on your wife.

“Respect yourself so that you can also respect your wife and your child”, Ms Bird added.