3 under quarantine

A NERT officer at one of the quarnatine sites
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THREE people who were exposed to countries recorded with positive Covid-19 cases are under quarantine at the institutional quarantine centre in Honiara.

Loti Yates, Director of the National Disaster Management Office, said his team is taking care of them.

“Currently we have three in quarantine and our team are continuing to look after them, one of the three will soon graduate and two fisheries officers may be next week,” he said.

Yates said camp management and instructional quarantine facilities is one very important component of the national operation against covid-19.

“As far as our capability concerns, NHA goes back to National Hosting Authority and also KGVI goes back to education.

“It leaves us with about 300 beds short on our quarantine facilities.

“We are left with GBR and VIMO apartments now may be up to 110 beds available. Securing another six beds at airport motel so our capability now and as far as quarantine facilities concerned, we can accommodate up to 120 people.

So, if we are expecting a bigger number to come in, we have to look further more for quarantine facilities,” he said.

Yates revealed the above at a recent talkback show on covid-19 updates at the Solomon Island Broadcasting Corporation.