3 locals lost for 20 days found alive


THREE Solomon Islanders who had been lost at sea for 20 days have been found alive by Vanuatu’s search and rescue region (SRR).

Their boat was sighted on February 27.

Island Sun understands that they are now under intensive care in Vanuatu and will return home when they have made a full recovery.

Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Association (SIMSA) Director Captain Tim Harris explained the issue was due to strong winds which had pushed them out while fishing.

He said their boat had run out of fuel but they were lucky to make it to an island in Vanuatu.

“Now the three local fishing men are stable on board a vessel called Zhong Shui 702 and the captain had arranged food and necessary assistance for them to prevent any health problem after long drifting days,” Mr Harris said.

Harris said, “Zhong Shui 702 advised to asked the Ministry Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) to contact with the Solomon navy ship or ship rescue to pick the three local Fishing men or to meet in the middle position to pick them up to reduce the cost for both side.”

However further conversation with the vessel Zhong Shui 702 have been made.

Zhong Shui 702 is expected to bring the survivors on Sunday, March 4.

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