3 cases of severe reaction to vaccine

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THREE individuals have been reported to have severe reactions to the covid-19 vaccination.

This was echoed by Dr Yogesh Choudhri yesterday during a covid -19 vaccine radio talkback show on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation.

“For adverse event we have seen three one was allergic reaction to the vaccine, the case was managed immediately because we have a team of Doctors and Nurses who can immediately provide treatment in terms of allergy until the person is fully recovered.

“The other two cases were reported following the vaccination. They have assessed the cases and both of them were now well. Based on assessment the weakness is not caused by the vaccine but due to other existing diseases that is causing the weakness,” Choudhri said.

Dr Nemia Bainivalu when speaking on the same matter stressed that severe reactions have happened “but with the trainings conducted for nurses and doctors they know how to treat the people who have these reactions”.