3 arrested in Henderson fracas


THREE men from the Reef Islands were arrested by Henderson police over the weekend following clashes between people of the weathercoast of Guadalcanal and Reef Islands settlers.

The fight broke out at the Henderson market, and is reported to be related to land issues.

Guadalcanal Provincial Police Commander, Mr Nixson Manetoga said of the four arrests, three were for alleged rock throwing during the fracas while the fourth was for another case.

Manetoga said the trio are currently in police custody and still under police investigation for their unlawful actions.

The commander said fortunately people fled the scene when the commotion began, leading to nobody being injured with only minor damages to houses and properties.

Manetoga also reported that they also received no report of injuries from both parties involved in the fight.

He said police are doing their investigation and hopes to work together both parties to ease their disagreements.

Manetoga assured that the law is always there and everybody should be discouraged from taking the law into their own hands when faced with such situations.

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