Chief Justice inspecting the guard of honour yesterday at the opening of the 2023 legal year.
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THE doors of the courts are open as the National Judiciary formally opened the 2023 legal year yesterday.

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer in his speech said this year will not be an easy one but with God’s grace and strength the judiciary will do its best to serve the people and make justice available within its means.

“As we commence our law term for 2023, we will continue to look to Him for His mercy and protection in our work

“So as we put our shoulders to the wheel again this year, let us all strive together to keep the courts’ doors open for those seeking justice through the courts,” Mr Palmer said.

Solomon Islands Bar Association President Lazarus Kwaiga highlighted that last year and the past years, 2021 and 2020, there were some changes in the administration of justice due to the pandemic.

Mr Kwaiga said the changes were out in place by the court to attend to the one-of-a-kind impact that the pandemic had brought.

“Some of these changes were made for the sole purpose of the continued delivery of justice.

“Some of these changes included the usage of video link hearing and trials and e-filing of documents.

“Therefore, this year SIBA looks forward to working with the Courts to formulate the e-filing method through its members in collaboration with the Rules Committee that may be appointed by the Hon Chief Justice.”

He also said that SIBA and its members also look forward to the courts formulating a set procedure relating to the delivery of interlocutory Rulings inclusive of embedding such procedure into the current civil procedure rules to enable all ruling and judgements to be delivered within a timely manner.

“SIBA also looks forward to working closely with the AG Chambers and all other stakeholders in facilitating a new bill to regulate the profession which now has over 300 members in practice.

“This new Bill will also create a framework for SIBA to become a full-time entity as is the case in all other jurisdiction in the World. Apart from SIBA interests.

“SIBA and its members also call upon the responsible line Ministries responsible for updating the laws of the nation to review and update the laws of the nation accordingly to cater and provide for the changes and developments occurring across all sectors,” Kwaiga said.